Kerrigan Reid LLC is a family-owned and operated firm, headquartered in New Jersey.  We provide value to organizations by focusing our consulting on the twin concerns of employee benefits and education.  Our data-driven approach addresses the tactical and strategic issues that hinder organizations from reaching their full potential.  We ground our work in three pillars:


At Kerrigan Reid, we see our clients’ challenges as our own.  In fact, we do not sell products; instead we listen and then work through a collaborative process to formulate ideas and execute a solution.  Our only source of revenue comes directly from our clients.


At Kerrigan Reid, we leverage our extensive knowledge to tailor solutions.  We know that learning is an iterative process and utilize our past successes to create solutions for our clients.


At Kerrigan Reid, we develop the knowledge of our clients and their suppliers.  Listening to diverse perspectives helps us identify solutions and partnering erases competitive boundaries that prevent organizations from reaching their fullest potential.